96 // Working it with Aaron Bjork

28 August 2015 43 mins, 1990 downloads

In this episode we have a guest host who we've talked about a a number of times be we finally have on the show!

Welcome Aaron Bjork (https://twitter.com/aaronbjork)!

Aaron Bjork is a Principal Group Program Manager working on Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio Online. He is responsible for work item tracking, reporting, collaboration, and all agile experiences.

Prior to joining Team Foundation Server in 2008, Aaron worked as a software engineer and development lead in Visual Studio. Aaron is passionate about Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions and has a strong desire to see teams improve their software engineering practices.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Washington. Aaron is an avid golfer, a hobby farmer, and loves spending time with his wife and three kids.

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