171 // Azure DevOps with Azure Greg

8 February 2019 48 mins, 2856 downloads

In this episode Greg is joined by another Greg, Gregor Suttie, aka Azure Greg, and they chat about the Azure DevOps branding, thoughts on DevOps in general, some very cool Marketplace extensions, Azure exams, dogs eating gophers and much more...

Gregor Suttie

Gregor is a software guy, living near Glasgow, Scotland and has been a software engineer for just under 25 years.

Gregor started his career in 1994 working with Visual Basic 6 and COM+, working on ASP page web apps for the first few years of his career, Gregor then moved jobs to Glasgow where he began working for 11 years in another small IT firm, contracted out as a consultant to Barclays Bank, on and off, for the next 11 years, where he started working with .Net since its beta.

Gregor then moved to work as a developer in the Oil and Gas Industry working as a software engineer before moving to J.P. Morgan where he worked as an Application Security Champion and SRE (Site Reliability Engineer).

Gregor is currently Head of Development Services for an IT services provider and spends his days focusing on delivering the right business outcomes for customers.

His current passions are Azure and DevOps and he recently sat 8 Azure exams in 3 months and working on the Azure Architecture exams accreditation.

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