5 // Common Team System Questions

24 May 2008 34 mins, 4397 downloads

In this episode we attempt to answer some of the common questions we hear people ask about Team System including:

  • What is Team System?
  • Which edition is right for me?
  • Why can't I find Team Foundation Server on MSDN?
  • What is Team Foundation Server Workgroup Edition?
  • Is VSTS 2005 compatible with TFS 2008?
  • Why can't I see Team Foundation Server when I install Team Suite?
  • What are my options for migrating from my old system(s) to TFS?
  • Can I use TFS with VB6, .NET 1.1, Eclipse etc?
  • What is a Team Project - how should it be scoped?
  • I deleted a file locally, I do a "Get Latest" and TFS doesn't download it - why?

As well as the usual sprinkling of tangents along the way.

If you have any questions that you would like answered, or if you have any comments and feedback about the show then please contact us at radiotfs@gmail.com.