32 // Mailbag Episode

20 April 2011 30 mins, 6273 downloads

We take a look through recent developments in the TFS world and also dive into our growing mailbag. Thanks for the emails everyone, if you would like your email read out or have show ideas etc then please drop us a line on radiotfs@gmail.com or call +1 425 233-8379.

Links from the show:

Also, a couple of erratta:

  • Immediately after the show was recording, Brian Keller published a VM for the Project Server integration with TFS. Talk about a speedy response to feedback :-)
  • When talking about Rollback and how this wasn't in the UI we mentioned it was in the command line. But we kinda said that it was in the power tools when in fact it now ships in the command line for TFS2010 (and rollback is a full concept on the server - just doesn't have a menu option anywhere in Visual Studio or Eclipse