18 // Adopting Team System with Steven Borg

25 March 2009 55 mins, 5555 downloads

In this months episode Martin spent a very pleasent evening with Steven Borg founder of Northwest Cadence and recorded the chat they had about adopting Team System in the real world.

Steven Borg is the founder of Northwest Cadence, a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner focused on Visual Studio Team System. He was selected as a VSTS MVP in the first round back in 2005, and has been a Team System MVP even since. He’s little ‘a’ agile, and big on understanding what makes successful development teams tick. If you’re coming out to TechEd, be sure to head out a day early for his pre-con covering 5 ways real companies have gotten the most out of Team System. Visit his blog at http://blog.nwcadence.com to learn more!

Links from the show:

Also, a huge thanks to Michael Ruminer for lending Martin his fancy Marantz audio recorder which made this show possible.