164 // DevOps for the rest of us with Dave Harrison

23 August 2018 71 mins, 2510 downloads

In this episode Greg, Gordon and Paul are joined by Dave Harrison and they chat about Dave's upcoming book, "Achieving DevOps: A 12 Month Journey to Better, Safer, Faster", due out in Spring 2019 from Apress, driving DevOps adoption, live site support at Microsoft, Technical Debt and much more...

Dave Harrison

Dave Harrison is a Senior Application Development Manager (ADM) working for Microsoft Premier. As a development lead and project manager, he spearheaded cultural revolutions in several large retail and insurance organizations making the leap to Agile and Continuous Delivery.

An enthusiastic promoter of Release Manager, Chef, Puppet, Ansible, Docker, and all other tools - he believes very firmly that, as with Agile, the exact tool selected is less important than having the people and processes in place and ready.

On a personal note, he’s the proud father of two beautiful girls and has been married to his lovely wife Jennifer for 23 years and is based out of Portland, Oregon, USA. He enjoys fishing, reading history books, and in his spare time, often wonders if he should be doing more around the house versus goofing off.

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