149 // Bunches About Bots with Jeffrey Opdam

19 October 2017 39 mins, 2100 downloads

In this episode Greg and Josh are joined by Jeffrey Opdam, ALM Ranger (September 2017 ALM Ranger Champion!) and Mr. VSTS Bot! We pick Jeffery's brain on building Bots, integrating with VSTS and about being an ALM Ranger. With the remaining time, we chat about the latest VSTS and TFS news, including a great article from Brian Harry about how SQL Server 2016 was picked for TFS 2018...

Jeffrey Opdam

Jeffery has been working for 13 years with .NET, as a developer, technical lead, Scrum master and later on also as a software architect.

During these years he has been using and supporting teams with Team Foundation Server. He started out as a freelancer in March 2016 and is coaching various teams with their Continuous Delivery journey using TFS or VSTS.

From Twitter:

Doing crazy Continuous delivery stuff with TFS and VSTS, incl. coaching. Loves DDD and CQRS. Software Architect which does DevOps. and most important a dad

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