13 // Road To Rosario, VSTS 2010 Test

23 October 2008 41 mins, 4796 downloads
In this week's "Road to Rosario" special, we get to sit down and chat with Dr James A. Whittaker about software testing and how Microsoft Visual Studio Team System 2010 Test will change the paradigm for software testing tools.

James Whittaker has spent his career in software testing. He was an early thought leader in model-based testing where his PhD dissertation from the University of Tennessee became a standard reference on the subject. While a professor at Florida Tech, he founded the world’s largest academic software testing research center and helped make testing a degree track for undergraduates. Before he left Florida Tech, his research group had grown to over 60 students and faculty and had secured over $12 million in research awards and contracts. During his tenure at FIT he wrote How to Break Software and the series follow-ups How to Break Software Security (with Hugh Thompson) and How to Break Web Software (with Mike Andrews). His research team also developed the highly acclaimed runtime fault injection tool Holodeck.

Dr. Whittaker currently works at Microsoft as a Software Architect for Visual Studio Team System where he is busy transforming his testing ideas into tools and techniques for developers and testers. He dreams of a future in which software just works.

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