12 // Road To Rosario, VSTS 2010 Architecture

16 October 2008 38 mins, 4927 downloads
In this second of our special Road to Rosario series we talk with Cameron Skinner about the re-birth of the Architecture tools coming in Visual Studio Team System 2010.

Cameron Skinner joined Microsoft in 2005 and is currently a product unit manager on the Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) team. He is responsible for overseeing the Team Edition – Architect product line. Prior to Microsoft, Cameron was the CTO and chief architect of application development tools for Embarcadero Technologies. Earlier in his career, he served as CTO for Advanced Software Technologies. In his limited spare time, Cameron enjoys spending time with his wife and three children, and playing his acoustic bass.

Links from the show:
If you are interested in this interview and would like to see the tools in action, then also be sure to check out the Channel 9 interview with Cameron that has recently been posted.

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