113 // The Derek Keeler Show

12 May 2016 49 mins, 1961 downloads

In this episode Greg and guest host Derek Keeler chat about Azure, ARM, being an outsider, joining DevDiv, game development and sometimes even a little TFS and VSTS.

Derek Keeler

Derek is a Senior Development Engineer for the Azure Developer Experiences Group, where they build Visual Studio features such as the Office & O365 SDKs, Connected Services, and Click Once publishing. Derek is currently ramping up on his new team and learning how vast and complex Visual Studio truly is!

In a prior role at Microsoft, Derek worked as the Senior Infrastructure Engineer on the NFL Video app, along with many other VOD sport titles across the Microsoft platforms – Xbox One, Xbox 360, Windows RT, and Windows 8.1 through 10.

Derek helped his prior team migrate from Perforce & Jira & Team City, to Team Foundation Server and began the migration to VSTS just before he left to join the Visual Studio team in Vancouver.

Connect with Derek: LinkedIn, ALM Ranger

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