11 // Road To Rosario, VSTS2010 Development

3 October 2008 24 mins, 4711 downloads

Road to Rosario

We're very lucky to have been granted privaledged access into the Team System team as they prepare to show us what they have been working on for the next version of Team System which has the codename of "Rosario" but will have the official name of Visual Studio Team System 2010 when it is released. PDC will be the event where they really start talking and showing us early builds of Rosario. But we are going to be giving you the inside track here, for free, over the next few weeks on RadioTFS in our special "Road to Rosario" series.
First can we thank Chuck Sterling at Microsoft who is the community lead for Team System, and has been doing all the hard work tracking down our guests for us.
In this show we talk with Habib Haydarian about the great new features coming up in the VSTS 2010 Development.
Habib is a Lead Program manager on the VSTS Development group. His main responsibilities include the Visual Studio debugger, profiler, code coverage and pretty much anything related to troubleshooting and diagnosing applications. He joined Microsoft in 2000 and has been in Developer Division ever since. Before joining Microsoft, Habib studied computer science at the Australian National University in Canberra. While not at work, Habib spends his time playing with robots, shooting hoops or chasing that elusive Yellowfin. One of his favorite possessions is a Washington state license plate with the label "RUNTIME".
Also, as you may have heard, Microsoft recently announced the fantastic news that from October 1st 2008, ANYONE that has purchased Team System Development Edition or the Database Professional Edition with software assurance will get the other product included for free. That means that if you have a MSDN premium subscription with the development edition (like many people do who had MSDN universal before that) then you will be able to download and install the Database professional edition - today, for free. Equally, if you have DataDude, you can get the Development Edition for free.
For more information about the database professional side of the product, have a listen to Episode #9 with Gert Drapers. In this show we concentrate on the other parts of the product.
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