107 // Catching up with Josh Garverick

19 February 2016 42 mins, 1794 downloads

In this episode Martin, Paul and Greg chat about the recent VSTS and TFS updates and catch up with Josh Garverick

Josh Garverick

Josh is 100% self-taught. He did not go to school for CS or go through any boot camps, conferences or training campaigns as of yet. Unofficially he's been programming since the 5th grade, writing little programs in BASIC on the old Apple IIe, then the ever-lovable TRS-80 and even played around with VT220s in junior college, that is until he discovered HTML.

Somewhere around 2000/2001 he was able to get his hands on some used 486 machines and found a bookstore that was selling discounted computer books. Started teaching himself C, C , ASP “classic” as well as Linux. Then a co-worker gave him a copy of VB4, and he thought he had hit the jackpot. It made way more sense to him than the memory management tomfoolery he had to deal with in C++

VB4 was his gateway drug and so focused really heavily on VB until VB.NET came out. He seriously asked for a copy of VB.NET Pro for his birthday when it came out in 2003.

He made the transition to “official” IT/development in 2007 and never looked back. Started developing a taste for all things C# shortly thereafter and ALM not much after that.

Catch him at; https://about.me/jgarverick, https://twitter.com/Jgarverick, Introducing the Visual Studio ALM Rangers – Josh Garverick, Josh Garverick MVP

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