2 // TFS 2008 What's New and Should You Upgrade

19 February 2008 46 mins, 4021 downloads

RadioTFS is back, and with some fresh changes. First change is, we've added a third host: Martin Woodward. Don't know who Martin is and want to? Then go listen to our latest podcast, RadioTFS Show #2 - What's new in TFS 2008 and Should You Upgrade.

Next change is, the RSS feed is different. So if you are using the old RSS feed, you won't see the new show. Click here to get the latest RSS Feed.

We are looking for feedback and for listener questions. So if you have any feedback on the show, what you like and don't like, things you would like us to cover, anything, send that feedback to radiotfs@gmail.com. Also, we are looking for listener questions that we can answer during the podcast. So send those to us as well at radiotfs@gmail.com.

We are looking at trying to do this bi-monthly, but given that all three of us have hectic schedules, as well as Martin lives in another country, don't hate us if we don't hit that schedule every time. I'm not sure what the topic of the next podcast will be, but look for it in a couple of weeks.